#warrior mentor

This projects hopes to help veterans re-integrate back into the community by mentoring a child with special needs. The program is mutually beneficial to the Veteran who is re-adapting to their lifestyle, while the child with special needs is afforded a rare opportunity to for mentorship with real life American heroes!


Serving the Community

Team Diego loves to serve in the Community and hopes to inspire others, especially if they have physical limitations, to get involved in community activities. You can catch us running 5K races, fundraising at events or just hanging out with members of the community!


#Inspireothers Campaign

This one of the primary goals of Team Diego, Simply to Inspire Other!

This program seeks to inspire everyone, at any physical capacity to be active and involved in their community and then inspire others to do the same! We accomplish this by taking part in physical fitness oriented activities and inviting others of any age and ability to come out and join us!